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We welcome your questions for the candidates on issues affecting older Americans in the form of a video. Let us know your name, where you’re from in the United States, and then pose your question. Please send your video to with the subject line “Ask a question.” Your video may be posted on this public website and shared with others. Your email address will not be shared or solicited. You will receive a reminder before the February 17th forum.


Welcome to Seniors Decide 2016

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations has enjoyed strong working relationships with U.S. Presidents of both parties. We developed Seniors Decide 2016 as a forum to begin a dialogue with the country’s next President about policies and programs that serve the needs of a diverse and growing population of older Americans.

I hope you will use the tools on this site and the information generated through Seniors Decide 2016 to pose your own questions to candidates and to engage your community throughout this year. This is the time to ask questions, get answers, and ensure the 70 million Americans represented by LCAO networks have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Max Richtman
Chair, LCAO

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As the 50+ audience expert in the PBS system, Next Avenue publishes stories, blogs, videos and provides resources that deliver reliable information on issues that matter most as we age. Next Avenue signature content is made up of actionable, accessible articles that uniquely address readers' needs from a holistic point-of-view.

Next Avenue is nonprofit, nonpartisan, mission-driven public media.

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LCAO thanks AARP, Compassion and Choices, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, and Next Avenue for their generous support of Seniors Decide 2016.

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GOP Candidate Kasich Addresses NH House Ahead of Primary.

New York Times

Ohio Gov. John Kasich praised the New Hampshire Legislature on Wednesday for expanding Medicaid under the president's health care overhaul law — a rare move for GOP presidential contender — saying that the decision saved lives.

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