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Leadership Council of Aging Organizations


Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. EST, George Mason University Arlington Campus

About Seniors Decide 2016

Seniors Decide 2016 is a forum developed by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations to provide a fair and unbiased platform for sharing the views of candidates for President of the United States on policies and programs affecting older Americans. The 72 member organizations that make up the LCAO represent a diverse membership of older Americans and their caregivers, and professionals engaged in the public policy arena.

Civic-minded older Americans make up an increasingly larger proportion of the electorate, particularly in presidential election years. Truly, seniors will play a decisive role in determining who America’s next President will be.

Founded on the strength of our diversity, Seniors Decide 2016 is a live forum featuring candidates for President of the United States and providing both a streaming webcast and a platform for social media before, during and after the forum. Through our website and our media partner, Next Avenue, we will continually share information about candidates so older Americans readily have access to unbiased information about them and their views on issues that affect seniors.

The February 17th Seniors Decide 2016 forum in Arlington, Virginia is by invitation only. If you are a member of a member organization of LCAO, please contact that organization for more information about attending the forum. Those who cannot attend can watch live by the streaming webcast, and even organize a watch party in your community.

Question for candidates:

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